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Employee Attrition

Organisations spend valuable time and resources to find the right candidate for the job. To find the person who will fit within the organisational culture and contribute towards the organisations is now an opportunity as well as a daunting challenge.

While competitive salary and job perks are important motivators, prospective and current employees are now more critical about organisational culture and how an organisation pays attention to the values, ethics and emotions of employees.

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50 % Boss is a Prick
0 % Sounds Bad
50 % Stop Complaining
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Absolute Idiot

At the level of Senior VP in a major Telecom company, you would expect some vision from him. But on the contrary, he will start micro-managing one aspect of work and then go on to another aspect without finishing the first one.

His priority is only what his boss’ boss wants to be done. He has filled up the entire place with his flunkeys from his earlier organization (which is in deep doldrums).

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25 % Boss is a Prick
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62 % Stop Complaining
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No leadership qualities

I am working for this lady, who doesn’t have any leadership qualities. Every Monday, we’d have a team meeting and everytime she used to come late and give execuses, then for half an hour she used to talk about her own story about her kids and it would drain up the entire energy. Then for the last ten minutes, she would hurry up saying that it’s getting late and that she has an immediate meeting.

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83 % Boss is a Prick
0 % Sounds Bad
16 % Stop Complaining
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worst boss

I joined the company as a fresher. I worked very hard more than any one else in the team but he was never happy. He always wanted to prove that he is able to get more work done from freshers to impress his boss. Even if u have to take leave on sunday u have to beg. For him going at 8 is early he always kept an eye on when people are leaving.